Paul Kuhn Gallery
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October 22 through November 19, 2016

After the death of Blinky Palmero in 1977, Imi Knoebel created a series of monochromatic shaped paintings titled, "24 colors for Blinky" as a tribute to his friend. Making an artwork as a dedication is an intimate gesture that forms complex, interesting and personal relationships.  

For You / And Me, suggests a give and take, and highlights an exchange between artists and their influences. This exhibition, composed of nine Canadian artists, explores what it means to learn, communicate and create parallels with something or someone they're devoted to. Interested in the ways in which artists create a correspondence with a person, history, subject or movement, the exhibition explores a multitude of approaches in art making within the sphere of an homage. For You / And Me presents work in painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture.

The participating artists include, Sarah Cale (Toronto), Mark Clintberg (Calgary), Jessica Groome (Toronto/Berlin), Tiziana La Melia (Vancouver), Deirdre McAdams (Vancouver), Erica Mendritzki (Winnipeg), Sondra Meszaros (Calgary), Les Ramsay (Vancouver) and Jim Verburg (Toronto). Curated by Ashleigh Bartlett.