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Malcolm Rains

Malcolm Rains lives and works in Toronto, Ontario


Malcolm Rains was born in Bristol, England in 1947 and grew up in Canada. Rains initially studied architecture at The University of Detroit and The University of Toronto. He later studied art at The Ontario College of Art graduating with a major in sculpture.


For years Rains has devoted himself entirely to painting but his background in architecture and sculpture are perceptible in his still lifes. The artist focuses on a single subject and studies it extensively by creating a number of paintings. This study empowers him to eliminate irrelevant details and render the sole entity of his subjects. Lighting is a very important characteristic of Malcolm Rains work. Reminiscent of the old masters, the warm and precise lighting contribute to the classic quality of his artwork while the minimalist approach to the representation of his objects is utterly modern.


Malcolm Rains’ work is found in many collections, including the Bank of Tokyo, Nabisco and the Xerox Corporation. He has had many solo exhibitions and his sculpture has been exhibited at the most prestigious museums in Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Winnipeg Art Gallery.